Warehouse - L.A.M.E.



We offer to all the exporters our L.A.M.E., located in Polígono Zabal Bajo, which entails agility and flexibility in the customs procedures.

L.A.M.E. Is a private authorized space from which we can present the EXPORT DECLARATION (DUA – E) without it being necessary that the merchandise is in the Customs area. The merchandise destined to the export must be available to the Customs in our warehouse, remaining there under customs control until the moment the export is authorized.

oeaA.E.O. POLICY Focused on increasing our competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market, it allows us to streamline customs procedures on behalf of our customers and increase security within the logistics chain to which we belong. We understand compliance with the requirements defined by the Customs Department and II.EE. As one of our basic principles of action.